Camera included
  • Camera included


    Snap kit designed for the Mode 2 Ghost 2 frame in a hybrid setup (with six inch rear boomerang, five inch front), fitting all Ghost 2 variants with at least five inch prop clearance, and sporting a fifty-five degree fixed camera angle.  Mid-range track killer.  Provision for the deadliest versatility, by Snap Aerial Silhouettes.




    Super-resolution, semi-flex TPU canopy construction, advanced material boasts a 580% elongation coefficient, 95A shore hardness rating, and peerless, opaquely reflective finish; less jello than nylon, and no cracking in cold weather.


    Proven Bleeding Shell passively retractable camera mount, which lets the camera slide back into the protected area of the canopy during direct hits and hard crashes, tested for absolutely no unintended camera slippage.


    Turtle mode without fin or stick, due to higher ground contact made possible by proprietary hull geometry.


    Stainless steel internal threads for far greater aerodynamic efficacy than traditional exposed-hardware designs, while still mounting using the frame's stock hardware.


    Onboard, internally wired LED array made up of one Tiny's Pico